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Yeah, yeah! Below is a favorite website. Check out the "Show Archive" section for some really good stuff:

Krazy Kats!

And, if you have a photo of your cat that you'd like to have published on this website, email it to the address provided below, along with your feline pal's name. 

Send it to:

To view the Krazy Kats gallery go here:

Krazy Kats!

As It Was

The link provided below displays some photos captured during twenty or so years of motorcycle racing activity. 

I've held expert-ranked competition licenses with the WERA & CCS racing organizations, as well as an AHRMA vintage racing license.

I still retain an active WERA license. Although "retired" somewhere around 2005, I'm not quite sure I am finished yet.

Visit the gallery:

Boy Racer Go!

Enter The Raven

Are you perhaps interested in acquiring a unique, motorcycle like no other, and built within the sunny confines of Florida? 

Consider The Raven

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